As part of a visit hosted by Alltech Croatia, Buitelaar Production welcomed 10 Alltech customers who are part of the Croatian Beef Association to its Wrexham collection centre on Monday 27th November 2017. The visit was focused on the production and workings of an integrated livestock supply chain as this isn’t something the guests were familiar with in Croatia.

The morning started off with a presentation given to the guests on the different areas of Buitelaar Production, highlighting the key links that connects the supply chain from Dairy farm through to meat sales.

The group were then taken to the Wrexham collection centre, where they were able to watch the process of calves coming into the centre in order to be weighed and graded. As with a typical Monday morning in Wrexham, there was a wide selection of breeds to see.  Ian Samuels, who manages the collection centre explained to the group how the calves are collected direct from the dairy farm and transported into the centre. Ian went onto show the group the size of transport vehicles on the road collecting calves which mainly consisted of smaller trucks rather than larger lorries, as logistically this means that the journeys are shorter and calves are in transport for limited time before arriving to freshly bedded pens in the centre.

The group were also able to engage with the farmers bringing calves into the collection and understand the relationship developed between Buitelaar and the supplying farmers.

Kate Pocock