At the end of March, the Buitelaar Group held two well attended open days at the Wrexham Calf Centre. With over 200 guests covering the 2 days with a guest list of international speakers, it was the calf rearing event to attend this spring in the North West.

Farmers listened to Arno Verberkt from the Van Drie Group in Holland, he discussed the importance of feeding calf milk replacer to young calves and how to tailor the feeding schedule to develop the young calf.  Meraid O Grady from John Lalor Veterinary in Ireland highlighted the key points to consider in calf housing and how some small and low cost alterations can dramatically improve calf health, performance and welfare. Adam Buitelaar was also on hand to discuss the Buitelaar Group business, where it has come from and what the future may hold.

All in all it was a great event with  guests tucking into a lunch of Roast Rose Veal, produced through Buitelaar’s award winning supply chain.

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