The Buitelaar Group prides itself on offering the best quality skins sourced directly from Woodheads and other leading UK abattoirs.

We offer machine-pulled ox/ heifer, cow and veal hides, all of which are weighed, graded and quality checked to ensure the best quality finished product is produced.

Hides are supplied wet-salted and packed for shipment in order to meet the customer requirements



Our skins are graded based on wool length, quality, size, substance and shape. After grading skins are salted, cured, counted and pressed onto pallets ready for container shipment overseas.

The skins available reflect the seasons: double-faced lambskins with fine wool from unshorn young lambs are available in the spring.

As the season progresses skins have greater wool length and are larger in size. Our short wool season is from June to October and the long wool season falls between November and May.

For further information on our hides and skins click here to view our brochure or contact:

Alastair Woollon
Hides & Skins
Tel: +44 (0) 7939 502583