OSI -Young dairy bulls- from birth to burger: Cliff Jarman, Supplier Development Manager, for OSI Food Solutions UK. Future of dairy bull beef in the McDonalds food chain.

Morrisons- more than just a supermarket: Joe Mannion, Head of Livestock Procurement / External Meat Sales. Product fit and supply chain efficiencies within a vertically integrated retail operation.

Giving the young calf the best start: Herbert Bouwer.

Herbert Bouwer is a director of Apurlu Breeding, and is the chief calf nutrition and management consultant to the VanDrie Group, overseeing the rearing of over 1 million calves per annum.

Design for Health: Jamie Robertson. Honorary Research Fellow, Aberdeen University.

Jamie Robertson is Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Biological Science at the University of Aberdeen. Previously he worked with SAC at the Centre for Rural Buildings for many years; with particular interest in the influence of the environment on animal health. He has carried out research on respiratory disease and air quality in pigs, poultry, cattle and stock people.

EBLEX -Managing the dairy bull- dark meat and meat quality: Management issues relating to dark meat and meat quality in the dairy bull.

Kim Matthews, Head of R&D, EBLEX

Kim graduated in Agriculture/Animal Science from the University of Reading and currently has responsibility for the R&D programme covering all aspects of production from breeding to meat quality. He retains specific responsibility for management of research on carcase and meat quality and contributes to the knowledge transfer activities of EBLEX and BPEX to the slaughtering sector.

Achieving target performance in black and white bulls: Key factors and best practice in achieving optimum carcase weights.

Simon Marsh, BSc (Hons), Principal Lecturer – Beef Cattle Specialist, Harper Adams University

Simon has had the post of Senior Lecturer – Beef Cattle Specialist at Harper Adams University since 1999, with responsibility for all beef production teaching as well as research on the University’s 130 head bull beef unit and Harper Adams Beef Focus Farms, and has presented over 60 scientific papers at numerous conferences including: The British Society of Animal Science, British Cattle Breeders, British Cattle Veterinary Association and Maize Growers Association.

Dairy bulls- a finisher’s perspective: Gary Allis, Furzehill Farm, Lincolnshire

Ten years ago Furzehill Farm was run as a 650 acre arable farm, with 25 barley beef cattle housed in traditional red-brick buildings in the yard. The livestock enterprise has now expanded to over 1,000 head of black and white bulls.

Morrisons – The Future is black & white, with shades of grey: Potential of dairy beef and industry challenges.

David Evans, Head of Agriculture, Morrisons Supermarkets Plc.

Prior to taking the position of Head of Agriculture for Morrisons, David had extensive experience developing large scale integrated dairy beef operations in the Asia-Pacific, Ukraine and Turkey. David’s global perspective of dairy beef has been integral in the development of Morrisons dairy beef strategy.