Working with all areas of the supply chain means beef farmer Gary Allis is able to produce a profitable, consistent and highly valued beef product.

He is finishing more than 1,300 Holstein bulls for Adam Buitelaar every year.

He now sources 60 dairy calves aged over 21 days every two weeks, mainly from Buitelaar collection centres. On average he pays £100 a calf and is taking them to 232kg carcass weights at just over 12 months old.

All animals are sold on a forward contract, which provides Gary with stability as he knows at the point of buying calves exactly what he is going to get for them at the end.

“Having a level price gives me the confidence to grow the business,” says Gary.

The secrets to his success as a profitable calf rearer and finisher are feeding a high-energy, low-cost diet, having low-cost housing and his attention to detail when it comes to feeding, management and health.

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