Scotland’s leading Michelin-star chef Andrew Fairlie—whose Gleneagles culinary fiefdom is officially ‘Scotland’s Best Restaurant’. Fairlie has just added to his menu the delicious rose veal sourced by our Rick Stein ‘Food Heroes’  and customer of Buitelaar, Rachel and Jeannie at Alternative Meats in Shropshire. He serves it at his double-Michelin-star Andrew Fairlie Restaurant at Gleneagles with morels and onion confit—and the result is indescribably delicious.

Even among chefs, Andrew Fairlie is renowned as one of the most particular over the quality—and lifestyle—of his meat. The high-welfare British rose veal which he serves via the experts at Alternative Meats is from calves raised on both sides of the Welsh border, living and eating well, and reaching some 150 kilos. It is important to raise these bull calves as rose veal—otherwise they are shot at birth, or exported and raised as ‘white veal’ in conditions rightly outlawed here.  The resulting British rose veal from Alternative Meats is beautifully pink meat with white fat covering. Few butchers sell veal—so here is our service not only to veal-lovers, dairy farmers and the calves themselves, but to all steak-lovers and gourmets too—if you love beef but have never tried good rose veal, you are in for a treat, as served in the hallowed halls of Gleneagles!

This article was sourced via Country Club UK.