Buitelaar provides a number of different livestock schemes designed to suit different farming set ups. This flexible approach provides opportunity to a wider number of farming enterprises. The system uniquely allows farmers to rear the young calf through to finish or a farmer can specialise in an aspect such as calf rearing or fattening.

Calf Rearing

Buitelaar can provide a professional rearing service which will rear baby calves through to a weanling stage, this service is popular as it is a specialist job to raise young stock. Alternatively we can provide fresh batches of calves which have been sorted to customer specification at the calf collection centres.

Cattle Feeding Contracts

Cattle are reared on farms across Britain, farmers are able to fit a scheme to the individual or farms requirements, reared Buitelaar calves can be purchased and fattened through to finish. Calves that enter a farm from a Buitelaar rearing farm will be batched into even groups to aid further development and also prevent mixing  groups. The farms must adhere to welfare and feeding protocols ensuring the pre requisites of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance  Schemes are adhered to.

For more information on calf rearing or fattening programs please feel free to speak to Terry Coupe:

Terry Coupe
Head of UK Cattle Procurement / Milk Replacer
Tel: +44 (0) 7773 370232
Email: terry@buit.ie

Joanne Alderson
Tel: +44 (0) 7908109273
Email: joanne@buitelaar.co.uk