Buitelaar Integrated Beef (BIB) is a robust framework for an alternative investment opportunity within beef farming. This page introduces how the awardwinning supply-chain works and includes information on cattle rearing and finishing opportunities. To mitigate risk, Buitelaar has a dedicated team of professionals on hand to inform and guide you through any potential investment or business decisions both on farm and in the office.

BIB is an opportunity for:

  • Farms looking to diversify in order to give an alternative fixed income
  • Farms wanting to utilise shed space for a quick and easy return on investment
  • Farms looking to invest wholly in new enterprise and infrastructure
  • Arable farms who desire ‘straw for muck’ arrangement
  • Farms looking to utilise their availability of straw and cereals from an arable enterprise

Benefits of BIB:

  • Simple and Risk-adverse Beef Farming Alternative
    • Consistent support
    • Ease of getting started
    • No hidden costs or commissions
  • Return on Investment
    • Guaranteed underwritten fixed forward pricing
    • Efficient throughput and turnover
  • Sustainable Supply-Chain
    • Lower carbon footprint than alternative beef supply chains
    • Supplying a niche and growing market whilst utilising the benefits of a dairy by-product
  • High Welfare Beef Enterprise
    • Collaboration with the Royal Agricultural University to promote best practice in animal welfare
    • Operating to high welfare standards using Red Tractor as a bench mark
  • On Farm Support
    • Dedicated technical team of livestock specialists providing all-encompassing on-farm advice


For more information, please get in contact with:

Fraser Osborne
Commercial Assistant
Tel: +44 (0) 7538 925 106
Email: fraser@buitelaar.co.uk